Breathing meditationI gave up breathing about twenty years ago. That is, I stopped thinking of breathing as something I needed to do in order to survive. The simple truth that came to me then, is that there is nothing I needed to do about the breath – except relax and allow myself to be breathed.


Let’s think about this! Did you need to breathe when you were asleep last night? What steps did you take to ensure that you continued breathing from the time you woke up this morning up to the present moment? Have you been checking up on how the breath is working now even as you read this page? More generally, how do infants know how to breathe? The truth is that breathing is not something we need to do at all. Rather, breathing happens in us. It isn’t so much that you are, right now, breathing – but rather you are being breathed. All you need do where breath is concerned, is to let go, relax and allow yourself to be breathed. There is really nothing at all to be done except receive the gift of the breath. This is a very simple truth and yet many of us have great difficulty taking it on board.


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