Body Mind Meditation

by Louis Hughes, OP

Illustrated by Anne Alcock

You can take this book as your guide for a fascinating journey that need not take you beyond your own hall door. For it is an inward journey, and it will take you no further than God who for those who want him as a friend, lives within. On the way to God-awareness, you will be invited to experience deep relaxation of body and mind.

BODY-MIND MEDITATION can help you become a more integrated and balanced person. It is an especially helpful approach to meditation if the pace of life is too fast for you, or if you find yourself frequently tense or exhausted.

The Mercier Press,
5 French Church Street, Cork
24 Lower Abbey Street, Dublin 1

ISBN 0 85342 934 0

A CIP record for this book is available from the British Library.

The book is out of print.



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