praise the momentIt was the shortest sermon he had ever heard, and the one that had the greatest impact on him. It consisted of just two words, “Live deliberately!”. Over the years he had pondered the advice of that elderly Archbishop. They had prodded him out of complacency and comfortable routine. People sometimes say things like, “I always watch the nine o’clock news and weather forecast” or,  “we go to Marbella for golf in May”. For those who live deliberately there is no “always”.

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Meditation is like a journey, but a journey that you are always beginning. It's value does not consist in feelings of relaxation or inner peace, or a totally stilled mind. What counts is being faithful, irrespective of how dry or distracted you find yourself.



Jesus prayerprayer of the heartThe “Jesus Prayer”, also known as the “Prayer of the Heart” dates from the earliest centuries of Christian history. However, it was little known in the West until the publication around 1925 of The Way of a Pilgrim. The nineteenth century Russian pilgrim who authored this book wrote about his discovery of the secret of uninterrupted prayer. As he wandered on his pilgrim route, he recited a form of the “Jesus Prayer” in his heart many thousands of times each day. The words he used were: “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner”.


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A single breath - A single human life


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