Breath deepeningThere are simple and effective ways of enhancing the movement of the breath, and in a wholly natural way. In the exercises that follow, there is no direct intervention in the pattern of breathing - that is, you are not asked to “inhale” or “exhale”. You will still be breathed, rather than breathing, throughout each process.


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There is however, a more fundamental reason for our unconscious reluctance to allow the breath. This is because becoming more aware of the breath brings us closer to all kinds of personal issues. We may find strong emotions such as anxiety, dread, anger or resentment coming to the surface. This points to a connection between the breath and what is going on in the deeper layers of our being.



humming breath exerciseThe following humming exercise is highly effective in promoting abdominal or “low” breathing. It is particularly important that the sound and the breath be not forced in any way.

Remember that you are not breathing – you are being breathed. And, just as the breath requires no effort, neither does the humming. It is simply a question of relaxing the breath and allowing it to flow in such a way that it seems to produce the sound quite naturally.

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Meditation with Prayer Word at the Heart Centre

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