Being breathed"It is a wonderful freedom to know that you don’t have to control the breath except bring awareness to what is already happening."

"I have experienced what you mean by just listening to the breath"

"… made us aware that breathing is natural and does not need any effort on our part"

"I had a sense of letting go of tensions in my body, and of control. I felt a new sense of peace and wellness."

"It brought me out of my head and into my body – and into the present"

"Though I feel I still control some of my breathing, there are moments when the breathing comes naturally"

"Being breathed frees me from feeling I have to achieve something. It makes me more open to receive, to move from the mind to the heart and body"



Building trust"When I tried to allow the breath, I realized I was still in control. However, in those few moments when I simply noted that I was being breathed, there was a sense of well-being, and a sense the all is well"

"growing awareness of my need to control and how difficult it is to let go"
"I found myself realizing that I am not in control – God is breathing me, holding me, keeping me, sustaining me, maintaining me, supporting me, allowing me, wanting me, loving me into being"

"The actual process of letting the breathing just be is symbolic for me of how life can be if I just trust that God is with me and to let my life just be, trusting his will for me."

"I felt breathed, and God’s presence very close"

"The whole concept of ‘being breathed’ opened up my body/mind/spirit in a way I find difficult to put into words. Hopefully it will enable me to let go more and more and allow God to breathe me…."



Breath and action

"Walking to the breath showed me just how enjoyable, effortless and relaxing a walk, and even climbing the stairs, can be"

"I found the rhythm of breathing and walking wonderful"

"I love it. I use it on a regular basis particularly playing golf. I always take my swing on the out-breath. My handicap has dropped by two shots!"

"When I was in the space of 'being breathed', the exercises just flowed"



Breath and healing


"During the healing meditation I had a sense of the Spirit's healing power going to my right calf.... Later in the afternoon, and the following day, I had no pain"

"During the exercise I was not aware of anything happening, but later I noticed that an ankle which been heavily sprained was no longer hurting"

"I was brought in touch with emotions through the breath, and was able to let go of a lot of pain"