Easy lifting with breathSome professionals such as nurses receive training in lifting patients safely and easily. The secret is working in teams and with the breath. I was once on the receiving end of this technique while fully conscious. It was for demonstration purposes only and I was the guinea pig. I lay on a table and five female nurses easily lifted me high into the air, using only one finger of each hand, i.e., ten fingers in all. This was possible because all five had synchronised the out-breath at the moment of lifting.

The next time you have to lift a suitcase, a chair or some other heavy object, do not rush into action. Instead try doing it like this:

1. Stand quietly before whatever you want to lift. Grip it lightly, bending your knees and your body for comfort. Then pause, relax and become aware of the breath – closing your eyes if this helps you to centre. Observe the in-breath and the out-breath for a round or two.

  2. Wait for the out-breath to begin. Just after the breath begins to flow out, make your effort to raise the object. 

It may help if you imagine that the breath is like the tide. As a sailor allows the ebb tide to carry his boat out to sea, so you simply allow the out-breath to carry the weight of what you are lifting. You may find that it seems to float up by itself.