Meditation musicYour iPod  or CD player can be an invaluable help to meditation - but only if you are prepared to give all your attention to the music and not treat it as mere background! Give some thought to choosing the correct piece, whether instrumental, vocal, classical, sacred, folk or whatever. There are no hard and fast rules here. Dance music or the foot-tapping, hand-clapping variety can be useful for getting rid of nervous energy, but must be followed up by at least ten minutes of stillness if it is to be of real benefit. Tranquil instrumental or religious music can bring you more immediately into meditative silence.


More about meditation through music - in "Body Mind Meditation" book.
Below there are some examples of a cappella meditative music, you can download and listen to.

Download Name Play Size Length
download avemarisstella

3.3 MB 4:49 min
download eli

3.2 MB 4:42 min
download inmonteolivetti

1.5 MB 1:38 min
download Tenebrae_Factae_Sunt-Anonymou

1.7 MB 3:01 min
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