Many people nowadays are experiencing stress as a result of the pressurised nature of today's lifestyle. Body-mind meditation will appeal to those who find the pace of life too fast, or who find themselves tense or exhausted. It is particularly suitable for those who want to pray in a quieter and more holistic way.


Body-mind meditation uses carefully selected yoga techniques to gently draw together thinking, feelings and bodily activities so that these work together in harmony. It involves eight keys - rest, breath, body, place, sound, rhythm, simplicity and wholeness. These are used to promote stillness of body and mind, leaving the spirit of the meditator more open to intimacy with God.

"In prayer it is the whole person who must enter into relation with God, and so one's body should also take up the position most suited to recollection. Such a position can in a symbolic way express the prayer itself, depending on cultures and personal sensibilities. In some aspects, Christians are today becoming more conscious of how one's bodily posture can aid prayer." [Cardinal Ratzinger on Christian Meditation, 1989]

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