Meditation with Prayer Word on the Breath


This video can be your entry point into meditating with a prayer-word on the breath. Select from your own faith tradition a short prayer-word or phrase that "feels" right for you. For Christians this could be, for example, 'Maranatha', 'Abba Father', 'Holy Spirit' or the name 'Jesus' in your mother tongue. My own prayer-word is 'Iosa' (pronounced "Ee-u-sah"), which is 'Jesus' in Gaelic.

Just sit and take time to become aware of the breath. Allow yourself to be breathed, and then "listen" to the flow of the breath. Imagine that you can hear the breath murmur or whisper your prayer word. Continue in silence with breath and prayer-word for as long as you wish, ideally 20 to 30 minutes.

Each time during your meditation that you become aware of your mind wandering, simply bring your attention back to the breath and your prayer word and resume. You will have to do this many, many times -- and that is the heart of your meditation!